One Off Cleaning

Transform Your Space with Bright Cleaning's One-Off Cleaning Magic

Life gets busy, and sometimes your space needs a deep and thorough clean that goes beyond your regular cleaning routine. Bright Cleaning offers one-off cleaning services to help you achieve a pristine and spotless environment, providing a breath of fresh air for your home or office.

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Your Space, Reimagined: Bright Cleaning's One-Off Cleaning Excellence

Comprehensive Deep Cleaning Solutions

Our one-off cleaning services are designed to give your space the deep clean it deserves. We cover every corner, surface, and area, leaving no stone unturned.

Team of professional janitors cleaning modern kitchen
cropped view of cleaner washing floor in office with cleaning machine

Professional Cleaning Team

Our team of experienced and skilled cleaners is dedicated to delivering meticulous cleaning services. They pay attention to detail and ensure your space is not only clean but also immaculately organized.

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that one-off cleaning needs can arise suddenly. Bright Cleaning offers flexible scheduling options, allowing you to book a one-off cleaning service that suits your specific timeline and requirements


Event Preparation

Whether you're preparing for a special event, hosting guests, or just need a deep clean, our one-off cleaning services will ensure your space is in the best condition.

Post-Construction Cleanup

If you've recently completed home renovations or a construction project, our one-off cleaning services can handle post-construction cleanup, removing dust, debris, and preparing your space for regular use.


Experience the Bright Cleaning Difference

Our Checklist

Our dedicated team of experts is committed to delivering unparalleled cleanliness, ensuring your environment is not just clean, but truly bright.


  • vacuum/sweep/mop floors
  • clean cupboards, shelves, and drawers
  • clean wardrobe mirrors, frame and tracks
  • wash window, sills, and tracks (interior)
  • detail door frames
  • detail skirting board
  • dust blinds
  • clean accessible light fixtures
  • clean light switches and power points
  • remove cobwebs
  • carpet steam cleaning (as required)
  • wall washing (as required)
  • blind cleaning (as required)


  • wash tiled surfaces
  • clean bathtubs and basins
  • clean shower glass/screens
  • clean shower head and faucets
  • clean and disinfect toilets
  • clean vanity, handles and spout
  • clean medicine cabinets
  • polish mirrors
  • dust air vents


  • clean oven (interior + exterior)
  • clean stovetop
  • degrease range hood
  • clean bench top surfaces
  • clean backsplash
  • clean vanity, handles and spout
  • clean pantry
  • clean cupboards, shelves and drawers
  • clean inside microwave, dishwasher, or fridge (as requried)


  • sweep floors
  • sweep floors
  • remove cobwebs


  • vacuum/sweep/mop floors
  • wipe down washer and dryer surfaces
  • remove dryer lint
  • clean sink, handles, and spout


  • vacuum/sweep/mop floors
  • wash sliding patio doors and tracks
  • wash window, sills and tracks

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